Bad Feminists Making Films

Nothing About Us, Without Us, is For Us

Episode Summary

Activist, filmmaker, and 2018 NeXt Doc Fellow, Courtney Symone Staton speaks candidly about the imperative for decolonizing documentary by focusing on her statement at 2019 True/False Film Festival. After the screening of "The Commons" by Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky, Courtney concretely identified the difference of how student-led protests (which she was part of) are represented in their work versus her collaboratively produced film, “Silence Sam.” While both recount protests that led to the removal of the Silent Sam confederate statue from University of North Carolina’s campus, Courtney reflects on methods that center the experiences and autonomy for community self-representation. Her reflections provoke us to re-assess who gets to be behind the camera and accesses documentary pipelines.

Episode Notes

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